It’s never too late to travel around the world

I created this website to inspire and help mature singles to take trips to foreign countries, regardless of their age, health, or financial situation. International travel for single seniors can be low-cost, safe and carefree.

In these pages and blogs, I describe my personal experiences, good and bad, my emotions, my fears, my excitement, my memories.

I do not include historical or geographical facts you can easily find in the glossy travel brochures or on the Internet. I think that I earned the right to advise on international travel after my almost 30 years of traveling through 70 countries. And many of them I visited more than once.

Probably, you already traveled before your retirement age. Maybe you visited some areas in your own country and took a few vacations abroad.

You always wanted to visit more countries, but your job, children, the financial situation did not allow you to travel more. Looking at the world map, you thought: when will I finally go to these places?

Please do not delay any longer!
Our beautiful world is waiting for you.
Make your travel dreams come true!

Like many other retirees, you probably downsized: sold your big house with a garden, bought or rented a small condo, got rid of a lot of “stuff,” and responsibilities. And now you are free to see the world! Travel during retirement is much more than just an enjoyable activity.

Your reasons to travel may include:

Join a group tour

The majority of mature travelers prefer to participate in a group tour. It is easy to understand why. They do not have to worry about where to sleep, how to get to the next place, what to see. They can plan how much money the trip will cost because everything is prepaid and they just have to put aside some money for extra meals and shopping.

Why are so many single seniors afraid to travel to other countries?

The most common answers are:

  • It’s too expensive
  • I am too busy
  • I do not speak any foreign language
  • It’s too dangerous
  • I do not know when and where to go
  • I am too old to travel abroad
  • I do not have a travel companion
  • I don’t think I am healthy enough to travel
  • I do not have any interest in other countries

Please read my comments on each of the above answers in my blog  “Why so many Americans do not travel abroad?”

Health Benefits of Single Seniors Travel

Many people in retirement feel lonely and isolated. Loneliness causes depression, affects our immune systems, and raises inflammation levels. It is well known that inflammation is the reason for chronic diseases like diabetes and heart disease. Also, it may contribute to dementia and Alzheimer’s. According to two new studies from Brigham Young University, loneliness and social isolation increase your risk of early death by as much as 50 percent.

Being socially and physically active after retirement is crucial to our overall health. Join an international group tour, make new friends during your trip, and you will keep your mind sharp. Socializing is one of the best ways to ward off depression and dementia in retirement.

Travel can improve your health and well-being, which can ultimately lead to a more enjoyable and fulfilling life in retirement. Older adults who travel have lower rates of heart disease, stroke, diabetes, and cancers.

Visiting new places, meeting new people, learning about their cultures, trying new things (even strange looking food), – all this stimulates and challenges the brain.

Learning new skills in foreign countries

Discover and try new skills on your travels.

Learning pottery in Turkey

Another reason why I like to be a part of travel groups: the tour guides take you to the factories and shops where local people manufacture things typical of their country. On this picture, I am in Turkey learning pottery. I am not going to make this skill my new occupation, but I enjoyed the process of making a clay pot, and I had a lot of fun.

Get up and go!

If you know when and where to go, how to prepare for the trip, how to pack light, how to save money, how to stay healthy on the road, you will be ready to get yourself out of your comfort zone and plunge into the “unknown.” On my site Travel for Single Seniors, you will find a lot of useful information that will help you to “get up and go.”

17 thoughts on “Home

  1. Jerry Bannon

    This is my first time on your website.
    I’m hoping that you maybe helpful in the future to” get me up and go”.

  2. Elena Post author

    Hello Jerry,
    I am glad that you discovered my website. I designed it to help seniors travel more. Please feel free to ask me any question related to traveling around the world. Have you already started exploring other countries?

  3. Rosa Romigosa

    Hi Elena, I was wondering, which 3 countries do you recommend I Visit first?

    1. Elena

      Hello Rosa,
      My three favorite countries are Japan, Norway, and Greece.
      I visited Japan 3 times – two times in winter and one time in summer. I love everything about Japan: nature, people, customs, and of course Japanese food.
      I went to Norway only once but spent two weeks there. Incredible nature!
      I went to Greece also only once, in March. All ruins were surrounded by the sea of spring flowers! Incredible! I traveled in Greece for two weeks.
      If you want to visit these countries, you are welcome to ask me about the best places to see there. Elena

      1. rosa romigosa

        Hi Elena, what should I see in Japan if I only have 2 weeks, Rosa

        1. Elena Post author

          Hello Rosa,
          In addition to my previous advice, I suggest you go to Kyoto. With the Japan Rail Pass, take a bullet train there without paying anything extra for transportation.

  4. Sabrina Cauvin

    Hi, this is Sabrina. I would love to travel to these locations.

    1. Elena Post author

      Hello, Sabrina,
      What countries have you visited? I’ll be happy to answer any questions about the countries you want to travel to.

  5. Daniela

    Hello Elena!
    I am traveling to Java and Bali. Any big suggestions? I am arriving to Jakarta returning from Bali.

    1. Elena Post author

      Hello Daniela,

      Fascinating and exciting itinerary! Java and Bali are the two most visited islands in Indonesia. I don’t know if you’ve been there before, but I think that the best place for the first-time visitor is Bali. Do not forget to try Balinese dish “babi guling” (roast sucking pig with spices).

      Some adventurous travelers think that Java is more exciting than Bali. Keep in mind that more people live on Java than in the whole of Japan. That’s why you must be prepared for a lot of congestion. However, do not be side-tracked by too much litter, traffic, and poverty. The scenery in Java is spectacular!

      Spend at least a day in Jakarta where you can visit the National Museum.

  6. rosa romigosa

    hi Elena what should I see in Japan first with limited time there.

    1. Elena Post author

      Hello Rosa,
      Thank you for asking about my favorite country. First of all – buy the Japan Rail Pass. You have to buy it before entering Japan. It will save you tons of money. Try to stay in business hotels – they have the best rates.
      I would fly to Tokyo and spend there 3 or 4 days. Visit Tsukiji Fish Market for the incredibly unusual sights. Try to get a tour of the Imperial Palace. Go to see the sumo wrestlers, soak at the onsens, splurge on the kaiseki meal. If you can, attend the taiko drum concert – mesmerizing!
      Spend a few days in Fuji-Hakone-Izu National Park. You will ride on the mountain train, cable car, ropeway, and boat. The views are incredible. We were there in December. It was quite cold, but we enjoyed every moment in that area, including spending two nights in a small ryokan.
      How long will your trip be?

  7. Daniela

    Thank you for your advice. WOW, the population comparison is crazy. Yes , was planning on one day to two in Jakarta and most likely flying to Yogykarta. Initially thought of going through other places in between but Yogykarta seem to be better place to stay longer.

    1. Elena Post author

      Hello Daniela,
      Have a wonderful trip. I already scheduled two more trips for this year, otherwise, I would drop everything and would go there too.
      I love traveling to all exotic countries.

  8. ELLA

    Здравствуйте Елена. Меня интересует где лучше останавливаться в Киото.И возможно ли из Киото посмотреть еще несколько мест-городов Токио и что ещё вы порекомендуете? И если быть 5-6 дней то сколько надо потратить на питание,проживание и передвижение?И какие экскурсии лучше заказывать?Жду а Вашего ответа,т.к. пока билетов в Ленинград и Киото ещё не заказывала.Спасибо за внимание.

    Hello Elena. I wonder where it’s better to stay in Kyoto. And is it possible to see a few more places in Tokyo from Kyoto and what else would you recommend? And if there are 5-6 days, how much should you spend on food, accommodation, and movement? And what excursions are better to book? I am waiting for your reply because tickets to St.Petersburg and Kyoto have not yet been ordered. Thank you for your attention. (Translated by computer from Russian)

    1. Elena Post author

      Hello Ella,
      First of all, read my blog Why do I love Japan. Use the bullet trains to get from city to city. Remember – you must buy Japan Rail Pass from home. You can do it online. From Kyoto, it is easy to visit Osaka and Nara. If you will be only in Tokyo, then you can go to Hakone – area near Mount Fuji. In Tokyo, you can spend one night in a capsule hotel – an unusual experience. Try to get up early one morning and go to the Tsukiji Fish Market. Of course, 5-6 days will only scratch the surface.

  9. ELLA

    Thank you.


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