My Best Trips

I had many fantastic international trips, and it’s not easy for me to choose the best ones. On any journey, you may encounter unexpected problems or inconveniences. But this is the nature of any travel. If you treat any travel as an adventure, it’s easier to handle challenges and inconveniences. Later you forget most of the unpleasant events and remember the good ones.

Leap into the unknown

You leave your home with its familiar surroundings and daily routine and rush into the unknown. Before you went to the airport you presumed that you thought over all the details of your trip to an unfamiliar country. You have extended your passport in advance and took care of a visa. You read about this foreign country in the encyclopedia and travel guides. You have thrown aside the idea of traveling on your own and bought a group trip with a tour guide.

In other words, you tried to foresee everything. But the traveler can not foresee everything. Prepare for the fact that on the road you will have unexpected events. Prepare for the fact that not everything will be smooth. But that’s what – unexpected events – makes a journey so enticing, that’s what turns it into a wonderful adventure.

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