Best time to go to Greece

Go to Greece. The views will amaze you!

The incredible colors of Greece

Visit Greece in the spring

The timing or our trip to Greece was perfect – the end of March. Not too hot, not too cold. And everywhere – spring flowers.

Yes, the best time to go to Greece is spring and early summer. Another best time – autumn. During spring and autumn, you will avoid high season (high temperatures, up to 100°F or +40C, inflated prices, crowds of tourists).

Ancient ruins and blooming wildflowers.

Spring flowers in Greece

I was not in Greece in the fall, but after I visited this country before summer, I strongly advise you to visit Greece in the spring. During this period (April-May), the contrast between ancient ruins and the abundance of blooming wildflowers is especially striking.

And olive trees! When traveling in Greece by bus, it seems that almost the whole country is covered with a green carpet woven from olive trees. And this soft color (my favorite one) is not just green. I would like to describe this color more precisely, but it seems that I am powerless. By the way, Wikipedia devotes a lot of space to the color of olive trees.

Athens – the capital of Greece

We spent four nights at the hotel located next to Plaka. It is the oldest section of Athens, next to the slopes of Acropolis. It has many areas for pedestrians only, and narrow, winding streets filled with small souvenir shops (which I always skip), and numerous little restaurants.

The best view of Athens is from Parthenon.

Parthenon on the Athenian Acropolis

In the evening, the whole city was looking for a place to eat. Instead of paying high prices in the restaurant, we found a trendy take-out place for giros, favorite Greek snack. The line to this “hole in the wall” was long, but moving fast. Every evening, we would buy and eat it at some square, sipping sweet wine, looking at the crowds walking by and enjoying the view of Acropolis on the hill, brightly illuminated by searchlights.

On a free day, we took a city bus and went to the nearest beach town. I am sure that this place would be packed with the tourists during summer, but in spring it was deserted. We walked by the fishing boats and enjoyed the fresh sea air. It was a wonderful break from the noisy city.

Olympia – site of the first Olympic Games

Olympia - site of the first Olympic Games

Olympic Games started on this stadium

There are lots of ancient ruins in this famous place, but if you have a good imagination, it’s easy to recreate the picture of how this former site of the original Olympic Games looked fifteen hundred years ago. It was a large complex: a stadium, athletic training areas, several temples. Some of them were dedicated to Hera and Zeus, the major Greek deities.

I expected to see crowds of tourists, but because it was March, we were almost alone at this historic place. A carpet of wild spring flowers covered every square foot of this area. I saw a lot of violets, my favorite flower.

We sat at the stadium and listened to our guide telling us about the history of Olympic Games. We felt like the patrons who were waiting for the athlete’s competitions to begin.

Delphi – place of Temple of Apollo

Delphi - place of Temple of Apollo

The ancient columns of Delphi

Delphi complex with many temples is located on the mountainside, with lots of walking up and down. Delphi was a center of worship for God Apollo.  Pilgrims traveled to Delphi to ask the oracle of Delphi to talk to the spirit of Apollo and get advice about their future and different matters of their life. Other temples were devoted to numerous Greek deities.

Spring flowers and fresh grass surrounded every single stone in Delphi and made a nice contrast between ancient ruins and young blooming flowers.

Our hotel near Delphi had incredible views of the mountains. I enjoyed sitting near a massive fireplace next to the bar, looking at the evening sky through large windows. It was a perfect place to relax after climbing the hills between ruins and absorbing the history of Delphi.


Meteora is my favorite place in Greece!

Monasteries of Meteora

Undoubtedly, Meteora is one of the most mystical places I ever saw. I wish we could spend several days, driving and hiking from one monastery to another. Meteora (from Greek ‘meteoro’- suspended in the air) is a complex of monasteries built on vertical cliffs above a valley (some cliffs are up to 1,200 feet high). Initially, in Meteora, there were twenty-four monasteries. Now, only six remain.

We came to Meteora early in the morning. As the bus was climbing higher and higher, we could not see the town in the valley, because of the fog, and we did not realize how high we were.  After a few minutes, the fog started to dissipate.

We could not believe our eyes – the monastery we came to see – was built on a sheer high cliff! Our tour included only that monastery because it had easy access by bus. By foot, we just had to cross a short bridge. It took the monks many years to build this particular monastery. They had to use ropes, ladders, nets, baskets to bring the building materials to the very top of the cliff. For several centuries and even now it is a holy place for the Orthodox Christian pilgrims.

Orthodox Easter in Greece

There is another reason why spring is the best time to go to Greece. Spring events in this country include Orthodox Easter, widely celebrated throughout the country. Easter is the most sacred observance in the Greek Orthodox faith.

Orthodox Easter is widely celebrated holiday in Greece

Easter service in Greek church

Greek Easter Dates: 2018 – 2024

  • 2018 – Easter Sunday – April 8th
  • 2019 – Easter Sunday – April 28th
  • 2020 – Easter Sunday – April 19th
  • <2021 – Easter Sunday – May 2nd
  • 2022 – Easter Sunday – April 24th
  • <2023 – Easter Sunday – April 16th
  • 2024 – Easter Sunday – May 5th

Our tour around Greece included only the land. I still haven’t visited the Greek islands. I plan to do it shortly. Maybe I should ask the oracle of Delphi when is the best time to go to Greece to visit the islands?

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  1. Lauren

    Hi Elena,

    Wow, what a great comprehensive guide! Greece has been on my to-travel list for quite some time, and it’s nice to have these pointers so my husband and I can think ahead as we plan the trip. Thank you!

    1. Elena Post author

      Hello Lauren,
      I would suggest going to Greece in March or April. The temperature will be pleasant and you will see a lot of spring flowers. I did not think that Greece could be so green when I visited it at the end of March. It was an additional pleasant surprise of going to this amazing country.


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