Norway is a great country for people who love nature.

Norway is the country of breathtaking fjords, mountains, waterfalls

Norway is my favorite country! If you love nature, this country is the place to go. Mountains, fjords, numerous waterfalls. It is an easy country to travel. People are friendly; everyone speaks English. There are lots of places for walking, even in the cities. The nearby mountains offer miles and miles of hiking trails.

While hiking, you can pick wild berries and mushrooms. In the woods, I found raspberries, blueberries, strawberries, cranberries, cloudberries. You can pick mushrooms too but only if you know which ones are safe to eat, and if you have August is the best month to pick wild berries and mushrooms in Norway.access to the kitchen.

Oslo, Capital of Norway

Oslo has beautiful water views – this city is located at the end of the fjord. If you like to walk, this town is for you! One of the most attractive and exciting parks is the Vigeland Sculpture Park. You can spend several hours studying and enjoying the creations by famous sculptor Vigeland.

The restaurant food is costly in Norway. The restaurants are always full, but when you look at the tables, you notice that the majority of people just drink beer. We found out that later, on the way home, they buy the “real” food (cheap and delicious) from the street vendors.

Bergen, Edvard Grieg’s Home

It is the second largest city after Oslo. The great Norwegian composer Edvard Grieg lived there as a child and later returned to live there with his wife. This city is nestled between the sea and the mountains.

Troldhaugen, Grieg's estate, is close to Bergen.

Edvard Grieg’s cabin for composing

From Bergen, we visited some small islands. On one of them was a house of famous Norwegian violinist Ole Bull. We toured his house and the grounds. Next day we went to Trolldhaugen, the home of Edvard Grieg.
Now it is a museum with a visitor center, a concert hall with fantastic views of the fjord, and a small cabin which Grieg had built next to the water edge. I picked through the window of this cabin and saw a piano, and a desk. Grieg used this place for creating his famous compositions.


I hope to revisit this place. I would even spend a few days in that area. There you can go on a boat ride through the gorgeous fjord. This fjord is long and quite narrow. You pass numerous waterfalls. Sometimes it feels like you can touch them.

After, we hopped on a train going up the mountain. As this train was slowly chugging higher and higher, we could not decide where to look: up, down, right, left. But it really did not matter. In either direction the beauty of the scenery was breathtaking.

Girl in red singing Norwegian song next to the roaring waterfall.

Huldra from Scandinavian folklore

The train stopped next to a huge waterfall. Everyone got off. While we were watching the waterfall, the recorded voice started telling us the old Norwegian tale about Huldra, a forest creature in Scandinavian folklore. Suddenly we saw a girl dressed in red. Standing on the ledge, next to the falling water, she was dancing and singing an old Norwegian song. We all assumed that she was playing the part of Huldra. Roaring waterfall, the girl in the long red dress on the high mountain ledge, beautiful song – the whole scene was magical!

After she finished the song, the girl disappeared. We were instructed to board the train to continue our journey up the mountain.

We took the same train back. I wish I knew that there was a trail going down. I was very envious of people who were walking on this trail and could spend as much time as they wanted to breathe fresh mountain air and look at the incredible views of the valley and the fjord in front of them.

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