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I have traveled by cruise ships in Caribbean, Alaska, Europe, and South America. I noticed that for most seniors the cruises are a preferable way to travel.  Mature travelers like numerous onboard activities and entertainment, varied and unlimited food, guided excursions, personalized service.

Cruise ship can take you anywhere in the world.

The Caribbean is a popular cruise destination

Finding best single seniors cruises is easy. Just go to this website, and you’ll find the best ship and itinerary for you. You can select your price, region, duration, etc.

From time to time, cruise lines offer special discounts on select sailings to Vacations To Go customers who are 55 or older on the day of departure. Always tell your Vacations To Go cruise counselor if any member of your party is 55+ so that he or she can compare any age-related discounts that are available to other discounts and find the lowest possible rate. Only one passenger per cabin must be at least 55 to gain the discount for everyone in the room. The cruise line will require proof of age to qualify for age 55+ discounts.

There are lots of opportunities to make friends during the cruise. You do not need to sit at the bar and hope that someone starts talking to you. Personally, I am not a “bar person.”


There many dining options on a cruise ship.

Lunch on a cruise ship

Each single senior cruises ship offers lots of activities. You can join a cooking class, dance or aerobics class, play Trivia Pursuit, The Price is Right, and many other team games. You just hook up with other people during the forming of the teams.

I always pay attention what team I join. Sometimes the whole team consists of the members of the same family. I certainly do not want them. I look for single people, who also want to join the game.

During the cocktail hour for passengers who traveled with the same cruise company before, I try to sit next to people who are not with other family members. Of course, to join the right company, you have to be observant.

I try to go to the gym almost every day. It is another good place to meet people. You might meet a mom who is traveling with her adult son or daughter. Usually, this son or daughter try to meet other young adults on the ship. Just keep your eyes open. If you smile and friendly, you will not be alone for long.

On single cruises, there are more women than men. That’s why the cruise ship companies hire mature gentlemen, who  have excellent communication skills and know how to dance.

Single supplement

Of course, the single supplement is a concern. It can add 50-100 percent to the cost of your trip. To avoid this surcharge, you can go on a cruise with a friend, or agree to share a cabin with a stranger. Personally, I value my privacy and prefer to cough up extra expense. I love meeting new people when I travel, but I do not like sharing my room.

If you’re interested in finding a roommate, and the cruise company can’t help, you might have luck with matching services, which pair travel-minded single people for a fee. Members of these services post their travel plans and information about themselves, and it’s up to each member to contact those who sound like compatible companions. Alternately, look for travel-related message boards. Some of these allow people to post that they’re looking for someone to travel with them.

Alternately, look for travel-related message boards. Some of these allow people to post that they’re looking for someone to travel with them.

Also, singles-only travel companies will usually try to match up cabin mates when they schedule cruises. book groups on regular cruises, ensuring that you’ll have solos to keep you company on board. They also usually offer a group leader and special activities for your group in addition to the ship’s activities.

Ports of call

Cruise Company Private Island

You can buy optional tours before the sailing day or on the ship, but often you can buy them on the shore for a lower price. In Costa Rica, I joined three other passengers for a taxi ride around Puntarenas. We visited several interesting places and made it back to the ship for afternoon tea. It was a fun and cheap way to see the area of Costa Rica I haven’t seen before.

Sometimes for safety reasons, it’s better to join the tour organized by the ship. I had done it before we stopped at Cartagena, Columbia because I did not feel comfortable going to this city on my own. The tour was fascinating, and it was very convenient to hop on the bus right next to the exit from the peer.

In some Caribbean ports of call, I get off the ship and go to the nearest beach. I put my stuff close to some people from our ship and ask them to watch it while I swim. I do not take money or other valuables to the beach, but I do not want my ship ID card, book or towel to be stolen. Many passengers are aware of the thieves prowling the beaches and want to keep an eye on each others’ possessions.


Mingling with other passengers

I like to get up very early, have my coffee and fruit, walk outside and then take some morning exercise class at the gym. Afterward, I go for a real breakfast. I read a book or a magazine during the breakfast and prefer to be alone and not to chat with other people.

However, when I travel without my husband, I always ask to sit with other single passengers at the large dinner table.  I make this request before the cruise. It is the way to have a ready-made company for dinner. As a rule, all people at the table are friendly and enjoy talking to each other. Some of them even sit at the same table for lunch to continue to socialize with each other.

On every cruise for single seniors, the company would organize parties to help seniors to meet each other, have fun and make friends.

Taking Classes

On cruises, you can take so many classes and lectures, that you may have difficulty in what to choose. You can learn to dance the rumba, waltz or tango; how to play bridge; how to make your cocktail or pizza; how or understand art history. Princess Cruises have exciting Enrichment Lectures. Celebrity Cruises provide Individual Dining Packages so that each night you could have dinner in a different setting. It’s another to meet people who share your interests.

If you choose longer vacations (lasting ten days or longer), you can avoid cruises with younger individuals and families, because they do not have much time to travel.

Plan your trip far ahead since senior singles cruises are very popular. I strongly advise purchasing travel insurance. Whatever life changes you might have, you would be able to cancel the trip, and not lose money.

Good sites to find information about cruises for single seniors

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